Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What it's like

My last high school birthday.
My first birthday as an adult.
What more is there to say? What is it like? I feel no different. I have not experienced anything remotely adultlike as of today. I still answer to the same authority. Ew I sound so high and mighty saying adult all the time. It truly isn't so. I still am treated as a child therefore that must be what I am. How pitiful is that logic though, really? I AM ME. Others will not determine who I am. They cannot. I feel the need for a gratitude list on this fine day. How especially nice considering the significant day, after all.
*KDH--nobody else called me at 7:30 in the morning to tell me "happy birthday". truly my very best friend
*Ferrero Rocher--as I am like a mad woman, chocolate always satisfies the soul
*balloons--as tacky and childish as they may be, I still enjoy the added attention on the special day.
*hooker heels--not really. but heels nonetheless.
*abercrombie boys with no brain--how wonderful, oh the fun
*coffee--it is the one item I must never leave out, since I depend on it to write. well, to survive. yikes.
*mika--gays make the best music I swear
*a natural tan--not the fake-bake kind, but the hard earned, vitamin d kind. sweet jesus hallelujah.
*momma. yeah I know. whew.
*and Rachel Corrie(23 when she was killed). I find much inspiration in her life and words--not the typical peace weeny inspiration, but the value of self-confidence and genuine expression. of he love and analysis of life. raw life. and proving that living in another country makes life a whole lot bigger. full of meaning and beauty.
More to come as the day progresses. This is a day to go down in history. Hah--always have to end on such a sarcastic note. So it goes.

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