Thursday, April 16, 2009

Historic, right.

Every time I make an assumption, yep, you guessed it, I make an ass out of myself. Well,not every single time. But seriously, I am a bad assumer. I just made up a word. And I ave officially become an ass. ?

Nevertheless, I had a marvelous birthday. So much positive attention is always good for the ego. I felt beautiful, myself, and ever-so-slightly, free. But not completely, obviously. The cake was nice, but chocolate. The balloons were, too (nice, nice, very nice) but one popped on the way home. I wanted to bless out that monkey of a boy on the bus. But that is simply what I deserve for being an ass. A bus ride home on my 18th birthday. I don't think "ass" is a good descriptive word though, I am by no means a jerk of any kind, but a lousy assumption maker and decision maker indeed. I think cursing is just something that is a bit liberating, adult like, maybe? Well, never mind. Ha, I'm big timin' now. Saying bad words, eating chocolate cake (my favorite is vanilla, hello. it's been nearly eighteen years, and still no idea?) I need to stop the bitter teenager nonsense. I am a woman. Grown adult woman. And let's pretend I have every adult responsibility and stress that comes along with it, so I must stop being a bitter child and face life as a mature human being.

Two new books acquired today: Siddhartha and God Bless You, Doctor Kevorkian. God bless Kurt Vonnegut, and I'm excited to read Siddhartha as well. Maybe find someone more to bless. God bless JROH. I could have another gratitude list on my hands..

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  1. jroh. haha. another stunning piece.