Tuesday, January 12, 2010

la duda es mi Ășnico vicio.

time to do a little think.vent.blog.,
we are complexities. we are humans. we came about somehow, sometime, someway. we tend to search for meaning, for a higher being, for light. i´ve recently done some thinking about why and
what we do (when we do it).

religions are formed and may grow or deteriorate through the passing of years, they will either be followed or cast out, become hopes for some or remain mythical theologies or absurdities.

there is constantly more to learn, more to know in this ever-changing, moving, growing earth. each moment any given person will imitate what was done before them, in days or years gone by, because it is what seems right or natural. but at the same time brand new action, thought, and intricate individualism comes about.