Friday, April 3, 2009

Shameless lies.

I'm sorry to admit professing shameless lies. Well just one, really. I managed to miss another journal day. A sincere "oops" is required here. I did, however, spend my time reading another most excellent book from Kurt V. Cat's Cradle was another though provoker. Exactly what I need right now. Seriously. It sucked me in and made me question much of my personal philosophy, or lack there of. Thus provided a spark to fill the empty spaces.
The read was so enjoyable, considering all the important underlined parts and little notes in the margins (on top of it being a Vonnegut). JROH lent me her personal copy of the book. Lucky me. An enlightening experience indeed.
Oh, today was my last high school talent show. Poor me, growing old. I was overtaken by nervousness today (for some odd reason), as if I wasn't good, or something. I let it get to me late in my Voegele tribute. Ah, well. It's only life. I probably am the only one to notice detail like that, losing my voice control late in the game. I could give some great excuses.. the whole school (as it seemed) was focused on me in those intense few minutes, and I seem to struggle as far as being judged by my peers. Still. I know, how juvenile. Typically puerile and silly of me. I am talented--I won last year. Hello. Focus.
I will be eighteen in twelve days.
I see professional "wise council" in six.
Yet there is no certainty or date to dwell on which indicates what else my life holds.
Ah, the mysterious, sublime life I lead. Or follow. Live. Shameless lies.

It's like a book elegantly bound but in a language I can't read, just yet.

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