Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well, here we are.

It's Tuesday, and I'm behind on my blogging. Yesterday I read the first 8 chapters of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five. Awesome book. It makes you think about life and about death. So it goes.

Funny story about dear Kurt's novel. Yesterday, I was recommended Slaughterhouse Five, and assumed that Ms. Henderson had the book. She did, of course, so I borrowed it. As I walked back to my 4th period classroom, I was just taking a quick glance over the book, and I noticed my name was written in pencil on the inside cover, to the side. Although she has NEVER had a Mariah in any class until ME, the book had my name written in it. ODD?? She had no idea that I was going to ask for it. I smiled to myself in astonishment. I was meant to read it, it was meant to be in my hands, and that's all I know. Funny how things happen. Odd and beautiful and meaningful.

Can I just say--I'm so thankful for people. People who are real, who are sincere, who are thinkers. I've never appreciated others like I do now. And I've never appreciated relationships like I do presently. Something clicked in my mind, that things happen for a reason, that people are inserted in my life for specific purposes. And, as it happens, it cannot be explained. I love how it all comes about. Mysteriously and spontaneously. Because of others, I enjoy the experiences of life more. I love life. What a beautiful mess it is. Like picking up trash in dresses. Well, here we are.

I've read that making a gratitude list is good for the soul. Acknowledging benefits in life.

Here goes,

I appreciate..

people who think for themselves-I have lived lazily, allowing others to think for me.. now I grow to respect thinkers more and more

coffee-without it, my life would be dull and short; more time spent asleep, less time spent reading, less time spent thinking

words-unencumbered numbered words, and hundreds of pages, pages, pages for words

forgiveness-without that, life would be a constant pain

advice-well, good advice, like: PLAY THE GAME, RESPECT, APOLOGIZE. Through the rough stuff, it's certainly life-changing, amazing

love-though it comes in forms I cannot fathom, in ways I have not yet experienced, I am appreciative of the love that is shown to me

life-I have taken it for granted, and will do it again, but the hand I have been dealt is one that shows promise for my future, that is what I am most grateful for

I must finish the book today. 2 more chapters.

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  1. i remember when you showed me the mariah in the book. odd.