Sunday, March 22, 2009

Audio, Video, Disco

I hear, I see, I learn.

Today is breezy but quite sunny. Weather like this always improves the mood. I truly feel for those who live in northern states where sunlight is as common as unicorns. What an absolute bummer. Enjoy alcoholism yankee.

So hearing is yet another part of my content. "Only Got One" is currently playing on my ipod, tickling my eardrums with fantastic beats and harmonies. Without music life would be even duller than without sunshine. What a bore.

Genres of music allow for entertainment through any high or low. The love I have for it revolves around that very aspect. Feeling angry, loved, hurt, bubbly, on top of the world, or like grace kelly(..deserving a hand slap..)--there's always some assurance in the intricacies of instrument and voice intertwined. I am utterly in love with music.

Springtime. Ah, green everywhere.. wildflowers, sunshowers, skyscapes, life and growth in motion. Art, people, words and nature are containers of real beauty. Without eyes, this world is nothing but a thing. It's a masterpiece. Another feeling of pity, those ho are blind, may they be blessed with the ability to grasp the majesty and beauty of the surrounding atmosphere.

Throughout the observation, many things absorbed--hearing and seeing equal learning.

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