Saturday, March 28, 2009

Narcissism Gets the Best of Us

Today I Am One Step Closer

One step closer to living my one dream
Of being in a new country,
Transforming myself,
Becoming Mariah.

Now Only Time Can Tell

And Counselors

And, well, Mariah


Being in love with yourself is not an easy task. It seems as though it would be, but it takes a lot of work. After a while, however, it does come naturally, as any habit or lifestyle would. It takes over the mind, and is, though time and effort-consuming, fun. It is ever so unfortunate when a sin like so is fun. It makes it so much more difficult to break oneself down, destroy the monster, eliminate the habit. Relapse and second offenses come often. The battle is not won alone. One day at a time,

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