Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quiero ser..

I read a journal the other day, and was attracted back to it again today, just a minute ago. It was written by a girl just a bit older than I (she's in France as an exchange student); she mirrors what I fully desire to be a year from now. Whether I go abroad or not, this is exactly what I want to become, to embody the persona immaculately with the assurance I've longed for (in my own way, but with the same qualities). I'll say it again and again, that is what I yearn for--self-assurance and awareness. I want to discover and create who I am. I cannot wait.
She wrote on how she has changed: matured, and lost the childish, lazy tendencies to procrastinate and waste any time. She helped me understand (as much as my inexperienced and young mind can fathom) how great the exchange experience impacted her life, and her hopes of others feeling the same feelings she has. If I do not get the opportunity to go abroad, I want to push myself to the place where she is, I want to look at and be pleased with the way I have lived, with the things I have done and with the person I have become. What an awesome thought.
And with that, I press on.
One day at a time.

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