Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Naps, Nausea, and Words

Waking at 6.38 in the morning, nauseous and wide awake, is hardly pleasant. It's more like one of the worst feelings, after the initial act of vomiting. But after getting quite a bit of sleep throughout the day, my awful aches and icky feelings have subsided. Hopefully for good. I think at this point I must blame my place of work, along with my decision to eat on break late last night. Forget coleslaw and onion rings for a long time. A very long time indeed.
Something more worth while: "Words, like eyeglasses, blur everything they do not make clear." -Joseph Joubert
So I can most certainly agree with this. When completely unnecessary and not needed, I am great with words. Then, as my situation relies on it more, I close up and lose all fluidity. Words are remarkable things, I cannot even begin to explain. Used to do good, bad, and everything in between. In relationships, I find I have most difficulty explaining my feelings or saying exactly what I'm thinking at a given time. Why is this? Insecurity? Inexperience? A mixture of things no doubt; a character flaw needing some surgery, or at least some therapy. And basic practice.
Words open another world, a seemingly infinite realm of communication or historical log or just art. And then there are so many languages, forming these words in many different and beautiful shapes and structures, formed by many intricate sounds that roll of the tongue.

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