Thursday, June 10, 2010


Living with the mantra Plvs Vltra, I desire to always be open-minded, always up for growing. Further beyond to me signifies having the courage to spread my wings and fly, to face challenges and experience much.

Just getting back to my family after a year away has helped me realize a lot. I understand and hold a stronger bond with my loved ones, I appreciate like never before the relationships I have and the love that is given me. Always keeping in mind what I ought to be grateful for, in this time I have more gratefulness than ever. And it just keeps getting more profound. Sacrifices were made for me to go away and pursue a dream, and have yet to be made as I further reach for the perpetual sky of my dreams and upcoming experiences.

Spain gave me knew eyes in a new land. The culture enchanted me, the people accepted and taught me. I took pieces of where I was that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I faced challenges with a language that initially scared me out of my mind, but in the end left me dreaming and breathing and living completely in Spanish.

What I take away from such a fantastic time is a joy that cannot be explained. I will never again live another year like this past. So what I only want now is to further my life and experiences, challenges and growth. Whatever life brings, let it be the wind under the wings which allow me to fly.

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