Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We all have them. They are very real.

One day you may think you are in love. The next day you may never want to love someone again. Do you control your feelings, or do your feelings control you?

Do you make ALL of your decisions based on feelings? Sometimes its hard not to.
Are you really "listening to you heart"? Or Just what you temporarily want or think you need?

Life is full of decisions. Do you let your feelings make them for you? Are you just thinking about the here and now?

Does the future ever cross your mind? Don't let them take over. You will lose yourself in your own feelings that are just temporary.

Where do you want to be in 10 years? If you base all your decisions on you feelings, will you ever get there?

Before you let your feelings take over, does any of these things cross your mind?

*written by my little sister, Naomi 13 years old. her understanding and inquisitiveness is so cool.
I love you Naomi, I´m here for you. And I´m glad you´re there for me.

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