Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I live my life, a series of moments and decisions, with the knowledge that I am loved. I am loved by family and friends, that is for certain. But what is this thing called love? A feeling, passion, affection, to need or require without compensation.. And is it timeless and eternal like the God of man who can be studied in the Bible, who can be a personal companion spiritually? That can be proven, yes, but with personal experience.
I feel love given me. I see it daily. It provides me with joy and satisfies that want to be nurtured people are born with, then gives reason and opportunity to love back. But where does it come from? It is relatively easy to identify the feeling, but to find the quintessence can be a journey, if trying to rule out Creationism. So why do that? A God, body unseen but not unheard can be given that credit. The prevalence of such a creator is entirely everywhere. And the love unconditional. I struggle with a selfishness and hope that man can come up with some idea that makes sense about where everything came from. There was initially a seed planted or rather there is a boundless, infinite author of love, the author of life. This love is stronger than humanly possible--had to be in order to support all mankind despite astounding imperfection.

I've got to pick up where I left off later. Time to go live off of some lovin'

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